Harmonising your intimate life


Sexuality and relationships as source of your inner growth.

I offer coaching and tantric bodywork for individuals and couples to help you establish a loving relationship with yourself and with others.

Sexual energy is a creative vital life force. By learning to use it properly, you can experience prolonged states of pleasure, increased awareness and deeper levels of intimacy.

It is time to come back to sex, which is natural, beautiful and innocent.

It is time to bring your relationships into harmony.

It is time to slow down.

Working with me you will learn how to develop:


  • healthy sex-esteem
  • increased pleasure and intensity in love making
  • deeper intimacy with yourself and others


My name is Aleksandra. I am a relationships and tantric sexuality coach.

My work is weaving of tantra, mysticism and psychology.

I have a decade of experience working with tantric bodywork and use my expertise in coaching you how to bring more love, pleasure and connection into your intimate life.

In my work I take inspirations from following individuals and trainings:

  • Tantric full body orgasm  and Tantric Body de-armouring – Awakening within Foundation
  • Urban Tantra professional training – Barbara Carellas
  • Sexual Therapy and relationship dynamics 2 year education – Institut für Beziehungsdynamik Berlin
  • Sexological Bodywork – certified practitioner
  • Making Love – Diana Richardson
  • Clinical Training – Esther Perel
  • Make your mind matter – Dr. Joe Dispenza

What do I offer?

My sessions are an invitation into presence.

The nature of the session is to bring your awareness to the unconscious mental, emotional and physical patterns holding you back from experiencing pleasure and love.

I work intuitively, with men and women, inviting your body and mind to open up to the inner conflicts and limiting beliefs held within, guiding you to stay present with whatever FEELING arises.

This gives space for the universal energy to flow without disturbances and claim the pleasure and ecstatic nature of your being.

Our meeting starts with a consultation, which reveals and determines the boundaries and direction of the bodywork part of the session.

During the consultation, I offer guidance in body awareness, inner child healing and relationship dynamics.

The bodywork will be focused on energy sensing and de-armouring. De-armouring involves applying gentle pressure to parts of the body where we hold habitual tension related to sexuality. Releasing this tension removes emotional blockages and defence mechanisms, opening up your system to experience pleasure and orgasmic states.

Who is it for?

My intention is to empower you, to guide you to play an active part in your own healing journey.

With this in mind, sessions are best suited for people who:

  • are committed to letting go of the sexual programming
  • are interested in using their sexual energy to raise their awareness and create greater intimacy in their lives
  • want to deepen their sexual experience
  • have the capacity to self-reflect and take responsibility for the nature of their experience
  • experience frustration, dissatisfaction and pain in their sexual relationships

The sessions can also be helpful for people who experience one or more of the following:

  • erection difficulties
  • performance anxiety
  • lack of desire
  • orgasm difficulties
  • poor body image
  • fear, shame, anger
  • low self esteem
  • heart break
  • negative relationship patterns

Sessions with me are not suitable for people who:

  • are in the early stages of healing trauma
  • are hoping for a quick fix
  • are looking for a sexual service
  • expect that I’m going to do it all for them.



Sessions take place in Berlin or on Skype/Zoom.


1 hour | 80 €

Includes consultation about sexuality and relationships, self esteem tools and body awareness coaching

on site (min 2h) or via Skype


1 hour | 80 €

Includes consultation, tantric body de-armouring, sexual de-armouring, balancing energy bodywork

on site min 2h


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